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March 13, 2006



I have never even seen those. I hope that means they're not coming to New York.

(Because if they do, I might buy the pink ones.)


Classic Ann Arbor.

A decent department store? Not a chance.

Three hundred terrifying variations on the Birkenstock? Done, and done.

At least we have *something* New York doesn't.


My feet feel sweaty and gross just reading about these horrific shoes.


Norwegian girl

actually.. the crocs as they are called.. are wery "hip" in the healt department.. they r really good for those who all day walk arround on hard floors.. i have a pair of those myself.. they may look ugly, but when u work in a hospital, u cant live whitout them!


I just wrote a message about those ugly "Crocs" on my blog !!
I agree it is the most awful things they could invent...
They are everywhere now !!!

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